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South African Classics


Vernon Koekemoer Archive+

Vernon Koekemoer took South Africa by storm in 2007/8. This from IOL: It all started […]

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Nhlanhla Nene falls off chair on live TV+

Who can ever forget Nhlanhla Nene graciously breaking his chair on live broadcast on SABC2. […]

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Gandalf Cleans Up Cape Town+

Ari Kruger created this short way back in 2006. It features Gandalf in search of […]

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How not to load a car+

Another example of South African Genius at work. Give that man a bells. Tristan OwenTristan […]

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How not to pull down a tree+

South Africans are one of a kind… Tristan OwenTristan has seen it all since MyVideo […]

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