Web Africans get excited about Valentine’s Day. Even those who haven’t got someone to dote on, because we know that this is just another space in our lives where the internet makes things so much easier.

With so much of our lives lived online these days and the intense time limitations we all feel, it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to the interwebs to find love and companionship. Online dating has changed from being something that only uber geeks or cyber creeps used to do, to nearly anyone with an internet connection and an open mind.

And online dating can be a lot easier than “traditional dating” as you can get to know someone without all the pressure of a face to face meeting. So from the comfort of your home or your favourite coffee shop you can be chatting to the future Mr or Mrs (Insert your name here).

So in the spirit of finding love we have compiled some videos to give you tips on how to best date online, what not to do, make you laugh and get you relaxed and excited about the prospects of falling in love. Don’t let a bad internet connection stop you from enjoying long walks on the beach, hand-in-hand with the partner of your dreams either – check out our on Uncapped ADSL.

How to choose a photo of yourself:

What not to do when making a profile video:

Everyone is doing it so relax and enjoy:

Take a chance and this could be you: