Nutritional advice, exercise plans and stress management tips are in abundance online. They are often promising miracles in rapid time. No matter what, you still need to work out, eat correctly and minimise stress. At Web Africa we are mad about the internet, and know that with it all of life’s mysteries will be revealed and problems cured. Okay, well a lot of them at least. Here are three relatively quick solutions to the above goals.

Exercise with Tara Stiles’ Yoga at work:

Who hasn’t had that twinge in their shoulder blades or neck? No one. That’s why taking a quick 3 minute break at your desk with handy yoga or stretching videos is just another useful way we can make the internet our personal trainer.


There are far more practical videos on how to eat healthy, but we liked this visual representation of different foods and the respective calories. It is already quite intuitive that healthy foods have less calories. But this is still an interesting visual nevertheless.

Managing Stress:

Stress. Everyone knows what it means to be stressed, but not everyone knows how to fix it. It’s a physical reaction and can therefore, to a large degree, be solved physically. Here are some tips.