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Lion saves his pride from hyenas+

After a pride of lions capture a wildebeest an epic battle ensues leaving the pride […]

Watch →+ 8 years ago

Wildebeest outmuscles huge male lion+

Never give up. It is one of the steadfast laws of survival in the wild. […]

Watch →+ 9 years ago

Masai men steal meat from lions+

Self confidence is everything when you’re pulling a bluff with the stakes as high as […]

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Mother wildebeest vigourously defends calf against wild dogs+

There is hardly more successful predator on the African savannas than the wild dog. But, […]

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Leopard takes down two wildebeest within moments+

A female leopard takes advantage of the chaos of a migrating wildebeest herd and shows […]

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Wildebeest crossing animation+

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of the wildebeest before crossing a river? Wildebeest […]

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