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Pallas’ cat discovers remote camera outside den+

The strange Pallas’ cat of the Himalays, an odd mixture between a cat and a […]

Watch →+ 8 years ago

Fox snow dive+

The precision involved in being able to locate , dive onto and catch the rodent […]

Watch →+ 9 years ago

Snow leopard hunt+

In one of the most dramatic sequences ever filmed the elusive ghost cat or snow […]

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Lynx and Bobcat fight+

Dramatic slow motion footage of a showdown between two of North America’s cats. The sheer […]

Watch →+ 9 years ago

Attenborough calls the wolves+

Sir David Attenborough’s wolf howl gets the thrilling kind of response you’d expect from someone […]

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Ski on coloured snow+

Something so simple and beautiful – how can we not have seen this before? Simply […]

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The heat and the softness of the sunshine, the peace and the rawness of the […]

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Solitaire: ski porn+

Check out the trailer (complemented by a haunting Jose Gonzalez soundtrack)¬†for this award-winning, beautiful ski/snowboarding […]

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The joy of being an otter+

If you are going to request an animal for your re-incarnation, consider the otter. It […]

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