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Python swallows entire impala+

A timelapse of an African rock python swallowing an impala whole! Filmed in Moremi, Botswana […]

Watch →+ 7 years ago

Slender mongoose vs black mamba+

A slender mongoose shows off unbelievable skill and agility while hunting Africa’s most feared serpent. […]

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Woodpecker takes on 3 metre snake in heroic struggle for nest+

The crimson crested woodpecker mother made repeated attempts to drive the snake out of her […]

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Serval and puffadder+

This serval shows just how quick its reflexes are by attacking a puff adder, a […]

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Leopard attacks large python+

Leopards attack pythons for three reasons: 1) a source of food, 2) to eliminate a […]

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Snake head: the living dead+

This takes rigor mortis to the next level. Let this be a lesson to all […]

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Python attacks alligator+

A Burmese python, an invasive species to the Everglades from South East Asia, attacks a […]

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Mongoose vs python+

A family (gang) of banded mongoose come across a dead python in the Okavango and, […]

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Octopus changes into other animals+

The octopus is a mysterious creature proven to posses a high level of intelligence and […]

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Snake vs tarantula+

Two incredibly venomous predators of the undergrowth: the Fer de Lance snake and the Brazilian […]

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