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The amazing dancing grebes+

Clark’s grebe have an elaborate,¬†synchronised¬†water dance that partners display during their courtship. Footage from the […]

Watch →+ 9 years ago

Cheetahs surprise bat-eared foxes which surprise cheetahs+

“WHOAA!! WHAT ARE THOSE!” summed it all up pretty well. Some cheetahs surprise a family […]

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Jackal attacks lion+

Brave, stupid, or rabid… this jackal has balls of steel. Encounter filmed in the Kgalagadi. […]

Watch →+ 9 years ago

Lion vs Brave Baboon+

Phenomenal footage of a lioness chasing a baboon, only to be chased back in return. […]

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Mother wildebeest vigourously defends calf against wild dogs+

There is hardly more successful predator on the African savannas than the wild dog. But, […]

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