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Brilliant timelapse of wildebeest migration+

The annual wildebeest migration takes place in the Masai Mara, Kenya and the Serengeti, Tanzania. […]

Watch →+ 8 years ago

Hyenas hunting adult topi in daylight+

Spotted hyenas in the Tanzania’s Serengeti show off their phenomenal hunting capabilities by bringing down adult topi […]

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13 year old Masai herdsboy invention makes peace with lions+

In the Masai community where 13-year-old Richard Turere lives, cattle are all-important. But lion attacks […]

Watch →+ 9 years ago

Masai men steal meat from lions+

Self confidence is everything when you’re pulling a bluff with the stakes as high as […]

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Honeyguide leads Masai to honey+

An incredible evolutionary partnership exists between a bird (the honeyguide) and man (and honey badgers), […]

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