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mandela day

The Lost Mandela Song+

A song by various South African artists was recorded in the early nineties, but was […]

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Mandela Day human chain+

People gathered in Cape Town on Madela Day to make a human chain linking a […]

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Zindzi Mandela speaks about Madiba’s health+

Zindzi, daughter of Nelson Mandela, spoke with Sky News about her dad and his health. […]

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Trenton and Free Radical: Mr Mandela+

As tributes pour out across the world to Nelson Mandela for his 95th birthday, he […]

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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (Trailer)+

The name Nelson Mandela has been in the news plenty these past few weeks. His […]

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Mandela Day Pledge+

It’s Mandela Day on 18 July and people across the world are set to devote […]

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