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A public service announcement from Trevor Noah+

  This isn’t exactly new, but I only discovered it yesterday. It’s Trevor Noah’s heartfelt […]

Watch →+ 8 years ago

Rebecca Black’s Friday: New Improved ‘Gang Fight’ Version.+

We all know how terrible Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ is. Luckily, someone on YouTube has ‘fixed […]

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Santa vs Moses (featuring Snoop Lion)+

The incredible Epic Rap Battles of History series gets into the festive spirit with a […]

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Feel Inside (and stuff like that) by The Flight of the Conchords+

When the legendary Flight of the Conchords are told to make a charity single for […]

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A Daschund and a Penguin+

Hilarious face-off between a daschund and an electronic penguin. The poor pup doesn’t know whether […]

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Sleepwalking Dog+

We’ve all had our fair share of nightmares and how traumatic they can be. However […]

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Lonely Island: Like a Boss+

I cut my balls off like a boss. Just the kind of day to day […]

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