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larry david

Curb Your Enthusiasm: A Personal Question+

There is no way you can intentionally upset Larry David. Even if you ask a […]

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Holocaust Survivor and TV Survivor+

Curb Your Enthusiasm is brilliant. If you don’t agree, then there is very little that […]

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Larry David and the parking incident+

Larry David likes order not a a chaotic society. And this kind of erratic parking […]

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Top 10 Curb Your Enthusiasm moments (Season 1)+

Larry David is the ling of social awkward and egoistical thought. And that’s what makes […]

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Curb you Enthusiasm: Mile High Hero+

Larry David is on an airplane. What could possibly happen? An argument. A failed flirt. […]

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Larry David ordering coffee+

What is in a latte? Milk and coffee. Oh wow, what a drink! The hilarious […]

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