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An American food trip+

The Perennial Plate team set out across the USA in one month to tell the […]

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10 things to love about Italy+

The Perennial Plate team captures their favourite 10 things about Italy in this fun foodie […]

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The traveller’s republic of Tofu+

Another episode from the Perennial Plate team with evocative snapshots and delicious food, this time […]

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A day in India+

This short film compiles three weeks of filming, traveling and eating in India into ‘one […]

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A Spanish road trip+

This is the latest film from Perennial Plate, who make beautiful destination videos that combine […]

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Masai men steal meat from lions+

Self confidence is everything when you’re pulling a bluff with the stakes as high as […]

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Bears vs wolves+

The forests of North America hold some of the most fascinating predator interactions and stories […]

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What if wild animals ate fast food?+

There is too much serenity in Africa. Too many vast open expanses of untouched wilderness. […]

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Hyenas intimidate lions+

First they find the lionesses and the meal they want to steal. Then they call […]

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Eating Japan+

This video made me want to go to Japan and do nothing except eat! Sarah […]

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A taste of Vietnam+

This is one for the foodie travellers: a beautifully shot video about Vietnam’s amazing cuisine. […]

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For most travellers a big appeal of experiencing different countries is sampling the local food. […]

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