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Leopard kills dog in apartment lobby near Mumbai+

Shocking CCTV footage of a full grown wild leopard entering an apartment lobby in Mulund, […]

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Pack of wild dogs bring down an adult nyala ram (not for sensitive viewers)+

Simon Morgan of WILDLIFE ACT was busy resting in his room at &Beyond Phinda Private […]

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Mother wildebeest vigourously defends calf against wild dogs+

There is hardly more successful predator on the African savannas than the wild dog. But, […]

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FNB Dog in Shots’ Best Ads of 2012+

Towards the end of last year, First National Bank┬áDog was nominated as one of the […]

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Brave little Kitten stands up to Rottweiler+

  This little kitten may be tiny, but it has no problem standing up to […]

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Throw the ball!+

  Shame! All this dog wants to do is play ball, but he can’t understand […]

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Sleepwalking Dog+

We’ve all had our fair share of nightmares and how traumatic they can be. However […]

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