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The Pantanal is Brazil’s largest and most diverse wetland area, and host to hordes of […]

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The amazing dancing grebes+

Clark’s grebe have an elaborate, synchronised water dance that partners display during their courtship. Footage from the […]

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Gyrfalcon vs Canada Goose+

This is an exaggerated version of David vs Goliath. The Canada goose is an extremely […]

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Banded mongoose chase jackal+

The first minute of this clip is what you want to watch. A large group […]

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Midway: you will not believe your eyes+

This is a trailer for MIDWAY, a film by Chris Jordan about an island in the […]

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Birds of Paradise+

Shape-shifters, nymphs of the forest…. they transform themselves into magical creatures beyond your wildest imagination. […]

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Dancer. Juggler. Bird.+

In answer to a recent question: what’s the most elaborate mating display in the animal […]

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Murmuration of Starlings+

In winter, just before dusk, fleetingly, starlings fill the sky like iron filings, collectively swooping, […]

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