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Leopard kills dog in apartment lobby near Mumbai+

Shocking CCTV footage of a full grown wild leopard entering an apartment lobby in Mulund, […]

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Wild dogs find a spotted hyena+

Spotted hyenas are much larger than African wild dogs, and not only drive them off […]

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Vampire bats are very real+

Vampire , blood drinking bats are real. Hopefully, the narrator will be their next victim. […]

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The birth of one of Africa’s greatest killers+

Beautiful macro footage and timelapse imagery of the birth of one of man’s greatest natural […]

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Animal hypnosis+

The theory is that when in danger some animals will fall into a trance-like state […]

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Attenborough calls the wolves+

Sir David Attenborough’s wolf howl gets the thrilling kind of response you’d expect from someone […]

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Honey badger challenges zebra as it approaches baby badger+

This zebra should know better than to approach a baby honey badger….. Filmed in the […]

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The lizard that squirts blood from its eyes+

The regal horned lizard has one of nature’s most bizarre defence strategies. It squirts blood […]

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Lioness stalks unsuspecting honey badger+

A lioness confronts a honey badger in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Botswana Ranger DiariesRanger […]

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Jackal attacks lion+

Brave, stupid, or rabid… this jackal has balls of steel. Encounter filmed in the Kgalagadi. […]

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Ants vs Crab+

Imagine taking on a creature many hundred times your size, with near impenetrable armour. These […]

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Crocodile attacks adult elephant+

Crocodiles sometimes seem oblivious to the laws of the wild. Considering how good their eyesight […]

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No beer+

What happens when there is no beer, but there is a cat? Lots of happy […]

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Mantis kills mouse+

It’s not often you find a mammal being preyed on by an insect, but when […]

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Honeyguide leads Masai to honey+

An incredible evolutionary partnership exists between a bird (the honeyguide) and man (and honey badgers), […]

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