This is #ProteaFire
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Many people don’t know that the Protea flower is adapted to survive ravaging veldfires. It needs the heat and intensity of fire in order to sustain its species. It produces new growth after a fire and grows back stronger.

The Protea is also named after Proteus, the god in Greek mythology who was adaptable and could change into many forms and do what was needed to survive.

Under the leadership of Graeme Smith this ethos of Protea Fire was started and now continues to grow. This team is made of South Africa. United in their differences. The diversity amongst them provides the stimulus to leave behind a lasting legacy. Something for children to aspire to. From a country torn apart when times were tough, when they were down and out, they went on to win games out of nowhere and were crowned the number one test team in the world.

In 2014 the team decided they wanted South Africans to know more about who they are. Who they play for and what it means to them to be Proteas.