EXCLUSIVE: Shocking police attack on unarmed woman
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A plain clothes police officer, Ernest Maratshane, viciously assaulted a woman on the forecourt of a Smithfield petrol station in the Free State. The attack happened on 5 April and was caught on CCTV footage.

He punches and kicks the woman multiple times while two cops make a half-arsed attempt at restraining him. They do nothing to help the woman and don’t arrest Maratshane.

ENCA interviewed the woman who has not laid a formal charge nor reported the case to the cops, but said that she knew Maratshane very well and the attack was personal. It is believed that she owes the cop money.

A few weeks ago another plain clothes cop assaulted two men in a convenience store attached to a petrol station in Bloemfontein, also in the Free State.

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