Road Rage in Pretoria South Africa
Tony Meadows
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Gauteng police are investigating yet another case of assault linked to road rage and the incident was again filmed by a fellow motorist. A 65-year-old man was allegedly punched several times in the face in Pretoria on Wednesday after he bumped his car into another.The video has been posted online and comes days after a man was arrested after he was filmed attacking a motorist in Johannesburg. The video, which was recorded at the intersection of Louis and Atterbury roads, shows Paul Maroulis launch into a tirade directed at Jan Swart.Swart says he was punched, a claim corroborated by another motorist. Maroulis has confirmed there was an altercation, but denied he assaulted Swart and further denied any knowledge of the case against him. The police say no arrests have been made, but they are investigating the matter.