Skydiver drops camera during malfunction - Robertson SA
Luke Godfrey
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from the video description: “I am a very junior skydiver in Cape Town South Africa with about 150 jumps at the time of posting.

Our home DZ is Robertson where this took place. A very routine FS training jump with a more experienced skydiver and a buddy practicing for his CAT3.

You’ll see I float out on them and we’re nearing break off – I turn to track , wave and pull and then…. SLAM. Like I’ve never experience before.

The force winding me completely … ( side note, I usually pack my own gear- this day was particularly hot and I had a credit with our DZ packer ) The force threw my hurricane 170 into a line twist and dive. You’ll see I think about whether it can be recovered but then I feel the dive increase so chopped. Super bleak about my helmet coming loose in the process. As I sailed under my reserve, I watched my most valuable possessions scattered across robertson sky .

Thanks to the Robertson crew for getting my gear back and Tim (our rigger) for saving my ass (

Questions on damage:
-Vortex Container send back to PS for damage from hard opening
– Minor damage to ports and stitches on hurricane main
– Cookie Fuel Helmet minor scratches
– Go pro good as new. ”