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Epic LOLs


Noko Mashaba – Ke December Boss+

The adventures of Noko Mashaba by Jonas Lekganyane: In this episode the Mashabas raid a […]

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R2.2 million Maserati abandoned after crash in Cape Town+

A two-door Maserati GranTurismo has been abandoned on UCT’s campus in central Cape Town after […]

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Real gold found in bottle of Klipdrift!+

Believe it or not but these okes are kak funny. They believe there really is […]

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Trevor Noah on The Daily Show – Spot the Africa+

Between rampant racial inequality and Ebola outbreaks, South African comedian Trevor Noah admits he hesitated […]

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DJ Fresh Mix Doggy Style+

ZANEWS present DJ Fresh: Mixing on air while taking calls, doggy style.

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Is Owen Nkumane hammered during halftime interview?+

Is Owen Nkumane hammered during his halftime interview with Schalk Burger during the SA vs […]

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How to fight a baby+

Ever wanted to learn how to defeat babies in combat? Then watch this. As long […]

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Dad Diaries: Gavin goes to marriage counselling+

Gavin Saunders needs a break. from the kids and the wife. But he just can’t […]

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Dad Diaries – Depraved Acts+

Gavin Saunders is loaded after confiscating booze from Meggie. He took a bad situation -underage […]

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Dad Diaries – Meg goes on a date+

Gavin Saunders is back with another great nigget of wisdom in his wayward parenting manual. […]

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Dad Diaries – Mikey gets bullied+

Gavin Saunders is back with some solid life advice for his son Mikey, who is […]

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Dad Diaries – Meg goes to the movies+

Gavin Saunders is not your regular father. He has some interesting takes on family life […]

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South Africans are not stupid+

During the day South Africans seem smart but when the sun goes down so does […]

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How to Rock the Daisies with Schalk Bezuidenhout+

Need some guidance to survive Rocking the Daisies? Or any music festival really. Cape Town […]

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: A Personal Question+

There is no way you can intentionally upset Larry David. Even if you ask a […]

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Pulp Fiction in 60 seconds+

This is not some filthy hyrbid of a brilliant cult classic and something dreadful starring […]

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Holocaust Survivor and TV Survivor+

Curb Your Enthusiasm is brilliant. If you don’t agree, then there is very little that […]

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Key and Peele: Porn Bust+

There is a fear and loathing that is associated with pornography. You keep it a […]

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Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon do Hootie and the Blowfish+

It’s tough to not love this pair. It seems that this bromance is here to […]

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Those awkward work moments+

Maybe you are the popular one in the office, but more likely you are just […]

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