Porche driver Reg CC24MSGP. Watch him behave.
Andre Snyman Eblockwatch
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A porsche was driving recklessly down the witkoppen road towards four ways from sunning hill.
At one of the traffic lights the passenger of the porsche threw something out of the window at the car behind them. The porsche then proceeded to swerve in and out in front of the other car until coming to a stop at the next robot where the the passenger of the porsche got out of the vehicle and started to kick and bash the other car door and side mirror
Most of the event was recorded, except where the thug repeatedly punched the other driver in the face.

we stopped and helped the other driver find his keys and calm down. Also called 10111 to report suspected drunk/reckless driving and assault on witkoppen road. to which they replied “report it at the police station”. what the hell does that do for other innocent drivers in the path of these troglodytes?

The registration of the porsche is : Cc24msgp