Touch me on my studio! I will touch you on your studio. Touch me on my studio. I’m coming back for you.

For those of you who remember this little refrain from three years ago, you will recall that it happened on the current affairs program, Africa 360, when after the death of AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche, the group’s Secretary-General Andre Visagie through a wobbly on set. He was arguing with the barrage of questions from political analyst Liepollo Pheko.

He stormed off set, but not before a confrontation with the show’s host Chris Maroleng, where the immortal exchange of people being touched and not wanting to be touched on their studios occured. Visagie left with a pointed finger at Pheko: “I’m not finished with you”.

Three years later Pheko is laying charges of intimidation against Visagie, but she says that it’s not a publicity stunt, reports ENCA.

The exchange spawned a few remixes of the event that makes us as adults tut and dismissively head shake.