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Noem My Skollie Official Trailer+

The film, set on the Cape Flats and in Pollsmoor prison, is based on the […]

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‘n Pawpaw vir my Darling Trailer+

Watch the new South African film trailer for ’n Pawpaw vir my Darling which has […]

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Chappie Movie Trailer – Directed by Neill Blomkamp+

Via Gizmodo: “This is the trailer for Chappie, an upcoming sci-fi/adventure flick from writer/director Neill […]

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204: Getting Away With Murder Official Cinema Trailer+

This documentary reveals the story behind the Brett Kebble shooting, as told by the three […]

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New SA Movie ‘Hard to Get’ Official Trailer+

A handsome, young womanizer (Pallance Dladla) from a small community has the world at his […]

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SA Film “Between Friends” Official Trailer+

“Between Friends” is a stylish, funny ensemble piece set in an upmarket game lodge in […]

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Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer+

Watch the epic trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road here. Filming began in July 2012 […]

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Future Sound of Mzansi Documentary Trailer+

20 years into it’s democracy, Future Sounds of Mzansi, is a documentary which aims to […]

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Konfetti Film Trailer+

Watch the trailer to the SA film Konfetti, written by Louw Venter and directed by […]

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Four Corners Official Trailer+

Four lives will change forever as the destinies of a reformed prison general, a local […]

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Die Windpomp Trailer: Feature length Afrikaans love story+

View the trailer for the critically acclaimed feature length Afrikaans fantasy love story. Nu Metro release […]

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‘Faan se Trein’ Amptelike Lokprent / ‘Faan’s Train’ Official Trailer+

IN TEATERS 24 JANUARIE 2014: Die Silwerdoek rolprent aanpassing van die loket-treffer verhoogstuk deur Pieter […]

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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom+

It is certainly a rousing trailer and the accents don’t sound too bad. Let’s hope […]

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Scarlett Johannson goes dark in Under the Skin Teaser Trailer+

Trailer are often the best parts of films these days, with so much disappointment happening […]

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iNumber Number extended trailer+

South African heist film, iNumber Number looks like it is going to be epic. Hardcore […]

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Don Jon with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlet Johansson+

A love story with a difference. That’s what they say, but the anti-romantic film has […]

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iNumber Number – New trailer for South African action film+

iNumber Number is not a new digital abacus from Apple, but rather an exciting looking, […]

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Sharlto Copley scene from Elysium+

Elysium is going to be epic. How can we be sure? The combination of Sharlto […]

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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (Trailer)+

The name Nelson Mandela has been in the news plenty these past few weeks. His […]

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Felix: Trailer Like Billy Elliot but with South African Jazz+

Felix has been described as Billy Elliot but with jazz. This South African film is […]

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