The Sprint – Making Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta Trailer
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Video gaming is huge business nowadays thanks to a blossoming desktop, mobile and console-based gaming industry and truly enormous fan and user bases, all hungering for the next new entertaining innovations and experiences to be born out of the now multi-billion dollar industry. With so many gaming genres available, there is, as ever, a hierarchy within the gaming scene, consumers loving certain types of games whilst going off others. Right now, what are the most loved genres out there, then?

First Person Shooter

Ever since Halo showed the world that shooting games could easily be created for and enjoyed by console gaming audiences, the genre has gone from strength to strength, never diminishing in it’s ability to provide excellent new releases.

Destiny was the best-performing shooter this year in terms of sales; the game’s hi-tech Sci-Fi universe proved irresistible to fans of shooting aliens, and proved an excellent demonstration of the power of the new generation of consoles, this also being shown by mech-blaster Titanfall. The Call of Duty series, a massive hit in previous years, is still an example of FPS gameplay done well, but is becoming slightly stale six years after the franchise was rebooted.

Online Casino Games

Thanks primarily to the spread of mobile gaming, online casino games are a huge business nowadays, as players who wouldn’t otherwise play computer games on a console or PC choose to enjoy a little excitement during their spare time.

Poker, blackjack, bingo and live-dealt games against real human players; it’ll be interesting to see if this popular genre remains a primarily mobile gaming genre.

Driving Games

Ever popular, the driving game genre has enjoyed a definite boost in popularity recently thanks to developers’ abilities at unlocking the technical abilities of new consoles. Online-persistent titles such as The Crew, and ever-great racing perennial Forza Horizon 2 showed (finally!) that open-world driving games could be created with sheen and professionalism. On the more casual front, Trials Fusion has been a massive hit with gamers this year, the game’s simple and incredibly addictive gameplay wooing thrill-seekers.

Puzzle Games

Puzzles have, in previous years, been the gaming equivalent of a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit- ie. a genre primarily enjoyed by the over 40s- however thanks to Indie games and the awakening that was Portal, puzzles have become popular with younger audiences. Indie games, produced on the cheap by small development teams and independent publishers, such as Fract OSC (where players utilise sound to solve puzzles) and Tangiers (a surreal puzzle adventure inspired by Theif) have revitalised the genre, moving it beyond the traditional puzzle milieu.