At Web Africa the internet holds so much thrill. It is not just about making information available at breakneck speeds, but also genuinely celebrating ways that it makes our lives easier and keeps us all connected. Now maybe some of you haven’t considered staying connected with your loveable pet or just quite how technology can be applied to man’s/woman’s best friend, but the possibilities are pretty exciting!

Tracking device for your pet: You can use a GPS to track the whereabouts of your dog and monitor it via a mobile app or on the web. And create a geo-fence where you receive a notification should your pet stray outside the allocated area.

Your dog is on skype: Video calling is pretty old news, but trying it without reliable internet is hopeless. Imagine how fun it is if you are away for work to be able to check in with your furry friends.

Robotic Dog: Sacrilege for any real pet lover, but maybe you live in a flat and you really want a pet. you always have the option of getting a robotic animal.

GoSphero Ball and a kitten: Playing fetch with your pet is fun, but having a remotely controlled ball to amuse the two of you is so much more so! Plus there is no saliva on your hands now.

Just for the LOLs: And of course what would our animal fun be like if we didn’t have the web? We would never have seen the sneezing panda!