The greenway, Cape Town unfinished bridge
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Tired of the unfinished bridge in Cape Town? Then this proposal from some CPUT students might be the solution.

From the students: With careful planning in regards to the needs of the users, the possibilities of the site, and the requirements of the larger city or neighborhood, such program can be realized in a single multifaceted project.

The intervention focuses on the unfinished bridge in the heart of Cape Town CBD, which the increasing number of man-made objects ones sense of place can be lost along with the past eco-systems. The intervention focuses on a public space whereby people can connect in a natural environment and escape the “city life”.

The intervention aims to add a natural setting to a built environment to restore eco-systems and enhance environmental standard of the city, by re-scribing the bridge designated for vehicular transport into a pedestrian driven intervention and the creation of a positive situation from a present existing.