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Rocking the Daisies is one of South Africa’s coolest music festivals and is hosted in an incredibly beautiful spot in a little town called Darling. This year was the biggest turn out yet, with organisers capping the ticket sales at 15 000 people. Hippies and jocks. Oldies and youngsters. Hipsters and just-plain-music-lovers come to this festival and peacefully mingle amid the eco-friendly ethos of the festival. Each year attendees who really want to push the greenness of the event can choose to either Walk the Daisies or Cycle the Daisies. Blistered feet and tight muscles do not dampen the excitement and it seems that those who opt for these modes of arrival tend to be deeply entrenched in the spirit of togetherness long before they walk through the festival’s gates. Until the next one in 2013 you will have to settle for videos and photos of the event. Fortunately this one is a cracker!