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A python killed an impala but before having the chance to eat it was disturbed by the idling cars watching the spectacle. After leaving its kill to seek shelter, a flock of opportunistic vultures managed make a feast of it.

So wrote the owner of the video:  “A great number of vultures gathered at the scene (different species) but were kept away from the carcass for more that 30 min by the python’s intimidating huffing and puffing. Eventually, some White-backed Vultures gathered up the courage and went for the carcass. You can clearly hear the python’s “hissing” sounds at the beginning of the video. The vultures demolished the carcass in less than 15 min…. we actually timed it. The commotion caused by the vultures attracted the attention of a male lion, but by the time he got there, there were only bones left.”