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Via The Getaway Blog: “Rangers Matt Roberts and Francois Pienaar (guiding at nThambo Tree Camp and Africa on Foot respectively) managed to get their guests in view of this once in a lifetime event and, although it might have been difficult to watch, the activity was astonishing. Ranger Matt Roberts caught the take down of one buffalo on film, contributing to this unique wildlife video by Sun Destinations’ videographer, Kevin MacLaughlin.

The Ross Pride lionesses and their cubs fought to collapse a buffalo cow; the cubs tirelessly clinging onto the back of the panicked buffalo while the experienced mothers worked at an injury the cow had on her hind leg. After an intense couple of minutes and what looked like a successful kill, the exhausted Ross Pride had to fight to keep their prize, as four unknown sub-adult male lions came charging into the kill site and claimed the buffalo for themselves.”

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