Durban (1962)
British Pathé
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Footage from the British Pathe archive of Durban in 1962. Please enjoy the description form the video: “Durban is a renowned holiday resort. L/S crowded beach where a beauty pageant is taking place, – girls in bikinis walk along a catwalk, with onlookers sitting in deck chairs. The winner of Miss Durban competition kisses the compere. There is a cutaway shot to four well built men – 1960’s hunks! There are people trampolining at the beach, sand surfing, and sailing boats. At the beach young men surf the big waves. Tourists walk along the front and are taken for a ride in rickshaws pulled by people in traditional ceremonial African dress with huge horned and decorated head-dresses. Look quite scary.”

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Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970