Drone Smashes Through 5th Floor Window in Cape Town+

Here’s the description from the uploader Dave Perel: While sitting at my desk I heard […]

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Mercedes-AMG Demonstration Goes Horribly Wrong+

Mercedes-AMG GT S & C63 S Crash At Zwartkops while putting on a little show […]

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Robert Mugabe Wipes Out Starts Mugabe Falls Meme+

Zimbabwe’s 90-year-old President Robert Mugabe fell down a staircase on Wednesday as he walked off […]

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Drunk white guy knocked out for using the K word+

A drunk white guy gets knocked out kick for using the K word at an […]

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Bothasig: White Boys Can Rap Too+

Jared Walker A.K.A HoneyMustard. A mixed breed born on the 10th of October 1984 in […]

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Singer trips over carpet on ice singing Canadian National Anthem+

Top Marks to Mark Donnelly who, despite tripping on a carpet and landing on his […]

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Reckless Official at Kruger National Park Endangers Mother and Baby Elephant+

From the YouTube description: “While driving through the Kruger National Park, a vehicle with a […]

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Car crash on Comrades marathon livestream+

Watch as a speeding car crashes into a barricade during the 2014 Comrades marathon live […]

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Hilarious ANC Western Cape Campaign Video+

The ANC has produced quite possibly the worst campaign video in the history of campaign […]

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Land Rover Discovery flips over after collision with Volvo S60+

Watch what happens when a Land Rover discovery collides with a Volvo S60 at an […]

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Jacob Zuma tries to pronounce R939 360000+

Good old JZ is having a laugh again. In this clip, he tries to pronounce R939 360000 […]

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Accident happens during an interview about bad state of roads+

People in the North West frequently complain about the bad state of the roads. Provincial […]

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Helicopter crashes on take-off in Kroonstad+

Watch this terrifying  footage of a helicopter crash in Kroonstad. According to the CAA The […]

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ANN7 presenter embarrassing himself on Africa Tonight 1+

The latest ANN7 blooper for your viewing pleasure! Africa editor Daniel Makokera abruptly stops his […]

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Controversial 2013 Loerie Entry video by MetropolitanRepublic+

Watch the controversial 2013 Loerie video by MetropolitanRepublic, who claimed in its recent Loerie award entry […]

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Don’t watch if blood makes you squeamish+

The slingshot channel sounds like the kind of place where accidents will eventually happen. And […]

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Romantic boyfriend fails+

He is just trying to be a sweetheart for his lady. But it all goes […]

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Biking down a ski slope+

What happens when you ditch your skis and get on a bike instead? All manner […]

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How to stop a longboard+

If you enjoy watching people wipe out and fall and injure themselves then this is […]

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An epic fail to cheer you up about your life+

People say you never remember the loser in a race. This is not true for […]

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