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Jacob Zuma’s incomprehensible congratulation to Donald Trump+

Here’s what JZ had to say: “For now these are positive come, he has won....

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Why South Africa has submarines…because sharks!+

Watch the South African Navy explain why South Africa has submarines.

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Stellenbosch the musical+

If you enjoy awkward and cringe worthy viewing then this is for you. In a...

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Rubybox – Come to Me+

Great little viral for Rubybox, an online cosmetics store. Simply stunning tiff. Tristan OwenTristan has seen...

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How humans eat their food: Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues+

So we all saw how the video of How animals eat their food go viral...

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Baby Rhino and Baby Lamb Playing together+

This video, taken by assistant curator Karien Smit from, is a perfect example of the...

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Car Guards in South Africa+

There was a time, too far ago to remember, when a man in a high...

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Quite possibly the best puppet show you’ll ever see+

I think the title says it all. The song is “Straight Forward” By Bojo Mujo,...

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EFF release official #zuptamustfall song+

The song is about Zuma and the Gupta family whose corrupt relationship has compromised democracy...

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Rudi Smit – Me Too Dance Music Video+

Awesome South African dance video shot and directed by Dylan Pereira and choreographed by Rudi...

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Great White Shark gets head into Shark Diving Cage in Gansbaai+

Thinking of going shark cave diving? Think again! A shark totally ignores the bait and...

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Gandalf Cleans Up Cape Town+

Ari Kruger created this short way back in 2006. It features Gandalf in search of...

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Cape Town School Kid hangs onto back of truck going 100km/h+

Watch this unbelievable footage of a Cape Town school kid holding onto the back of...

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How to make Rooibos Rusks with Suzelle and Evita Bezuidenhout+

Watch Suzelle make Rooibos Rusks with Evita Bezuidenhout. Why? Because it’s Heritage Day!

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Jozi Shore+

Cape Town’s peaceful pace has just been amped up a bit with Joburg biggest boets...

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Banned! The ad the SABC refused to air+

SABC refuses to air Shabba’s Hake and Chips ad starring JZ at his presidential palace...

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21 Icons: Short film on Desmond Tutu+

He is one of the most loved people in the country. Desmond Tutu has made...

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DJ Julius spinning the decks+

He’s facing legal battles, he lost his political friends and probably his purple suit, but...

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Jacob Zuma incorrectly tells the media that Africa is the world’s largest continent+

President Jacob Zuma addresses the business community and incorrectly states Africa is the world’s largest...

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Pronto Condoms Viral featuring Jacob+

Way back in 2006, Agency FoxP2 created a series of virals for Pronto Condoms featuring...

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